The Creative Class Gather at Art Basel Miami Beach


For the first time in human history, more than half the world's population is living in cities, with that number to grow to 70% in the next 20 years. This rapid urbanization is pricing out the very artists, creatives and innovators that revitalized cities in the first place. With the backdrop of Art Basel, Florida International University and the Creative Class Group will host an exclusive forum with international cultural icons about how to keep artists and creators in the heart of our cities, on Thursday, December 3rd from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Miami Beach Urban Studios.

This World-Class Global Forum on Art + Design + Architecture hosted as a signature event of the FIU Miami Creative City Initiative, lead by urbanist Richard Florida will bring together distinguished innovators such as, Grammy Award Winning Artist Nelly Furtado, World-Renowned Architect Zaha Hadid, internationally-recognized designer Glenn Pushelberg, artist Kenny Scharf and several others to address the creative future of our cities.

"We come together in cities, to live and to work, to pay and, most importantly, to create. Cities have long captured the imagination of artists, designers and cultural curators; however, they are quickly becoming unaffordable to the Creative Class," explained Richard Florida, Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, Senior Editor at The Atlantic and Visiting Fellow of the FIU Miami Creative City Initiative. "There's no better time than Art Basel bring together creatives and those who care about cities to share insights for maintaining the soul of our cities."

"I have attended Art Basel twice and was deeply impressed by it. Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by that kind of creativity," stated Grammy Award-Winning musician Nelly Furtado. "I look forward to our conversation about how we ensure our cities are open for all walks of life."

An exclusive conversation among change-agents, "The Creative City" will offer something for everyone who cares about the challenges facing creative cities across the world. Panelists include:

Richard Florida, Director, Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, and Visiting Fellow of the FIU Miami Creative City Initiative, CoFounder and Senior Editor, The Atlantic, City Lab
Nelly Furtado, Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Glenn Pushelberg, Internationally-Recognized Designer
Zaha Hadid, World-Renowned Architect
Jérôme Sans, Global Curator
Kenny Scharf, Artist
Mark Rosenberg, President, Florida International University
Rana Florida, CEO, Creative Class Group
Brian Schriner, Dean, FIU College of Architecture + The Arts
John Stuart, Professor and Associate Dean, FIU College of Architecture + The Arts

"Creativity and the arts are essential drivers of the economy," said FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg. "The Creative City will bring together some of the brightest minds to discuss solutions for ensuring that our cities remain accessible to artists and benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit in the creative process."

For more information about "The Creative City," visit:

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