23 Creepiest Robots You've Ever Seen (VIDEOS)

23 Creepiest Robots Of All Time

Anyone who has watched a few sci-fi films in the last couple decades knows the human race faces inevitable destruction at the hands of robots. Movies like "The Terminator," "The Matrix," and "I, Robot" warn us of the perils of artificial intelligence, but until our technology reaches such sophistication, for now we toy around with sex robots turned dental patients and ridiculous robo-mination.

But while our technology doesn't want to kill us just yet, it is certainly starting to frighten us. Artists and engineers work to design the most realistic humanoids, but it seems the closer they come, the weirder they get. Below we've collected some of the creepiest robot videos out there (and yes, most of them come from Japan). If these bots aren't taking over the world yet, they will at least take over your nightmares. Sleep tight!

The Creepiest Robots

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