The Creepiest Santa Dolls Ever: 30 Hilariously Bad Depictions Of Ol' Saint Nick (PHOTOS)

Until now, when we thought "Santa" we imagined a jolly old man with a bright red suit, a long white beard, rosy red cheeks and a jovial expression. But it turns out we've been doing it all wrong.

Thanks to the artists (we use that term loosely) behind the 30 depictions of ol' Saint Nick below, we realized that we've been forgetting to add shifty eyes, four inches of extra forehead and an emaciated frame to the ol' Saint Nick in our minds. Oh, and did you know that Father Christmas is really just an old baby with a beard?

Just check out 30 of the creepiest Santa dolls the Internet has to offer below to see what we mean.

Creepy Santa Dolls