The Cressening: Coworkers Turn Gross Keyboard Into Chia Pet (PHOTOS)

Though most people wouldn't choose to entertain themselves by watching grass grow, this impromptu herb garden might be an exception. This silly office prank either deserves enshrinement in the passive aggression hall of fame, or some environmental award for repurposing with hilarity.

Everyone knows how gross keyboards can get -- how easily white plastic can fall from pristine grace, corroding with spilled coffee, its key crevices clandestinely concealing crumbs of crud.

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But let's be honest: Few among us would ever complain about a coworker's gross keypad. Sometimes, it's asking a lot to even properly care for our own.

But to plant garden cress -- turning a personal trough of junk into an ersatz Chia Pet -- to send a message is actually pretty amusing.

Just ask the folks on Reddit, where this slideshow has grabbed heaps of upvotes.

But for the record, this has been done before.

The original poster claims he'll be filming his colleague's reaction via webcam, which should be pretty entertaining. Let's hope they've got a replacement keyboard on hand.

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(via Reddit)

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