'The Crow' Reboot Begins Filming In January With Jason Momoa Set To Star

What's a couple more months?
He's back. 
He's back. 

Believe in angels because the much delayed reboot of the 1994 cult classic “The Crow” will reportedly begin production this coming January after years of being in development hell. 

According to The Wrap, “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa is attached to play the iconic role of murder victim turned vigilante, Eric Draven, who seeks justice after he and his wife are left for dead after a brutal attack. Colin Hardy is set to direct with the backing of Relativity Media.  

Although Momoa’s casting has yet to be officially confirmed, he posted a photo on Instagram weeks ago of himself and Hardy sharing a pint with the promise of great news to come. 

“The only way to officially seal the deal as men Is a pint of black beauty. @guinness#sealthedeal #wearemarriednowfucker. #greatnewstocome. #dreamjob#cantwaittotelltheworld ALOHA ED 👿😜,” he captioned the photo. 

“ED” most likely refers to the name of Momoa’s character, which was played by Brandon Lee, the son of legendary kung fu actor, Bruce Lee, in the original adaption of “The Crow.” Brandon was fatally shot during filming in an on-set accident. Much of the film’s enduring legacy is intertwined with his tragic death, creating the mythos that spawned the curse of “The Crow.”

The reboot, however, will reportedly be a more faithful adaptation of the original source material, James O’Barr’s beloved comic book saga. The series was inspired by the creator’s own personal tragedy when his girlfriend was struck by a drunk driver. 

Watch a clip from the 1994 version below: 



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