The Cult of Nasrallah: Bizarre Hezbollah Propaganda (PHOTOS)

The Cult of Nasrallah: Bizarre Hezbollah Propaganda (PHOTOS)
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Step into any shop in Dahiya, the Hezbollah-controlled suburb of Beirut, and you're bound to find a variety of peculiar souvenirs portraying the face of Hezbollah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah.

Love him or hate him, he's popular, and apparently, he's everywhere.

Here are some of the more unique tchockes that I found during my last visit to Lebanon.

Fridge Magnet and Air Freshener that reads "Mr. Uprising"2009-02-16-magnetFreshener.jpg


Solar Powered Keychains2009-02-16-keychains.jpg

Lighter that projects Nasrallah's image2009-02-17-lighter2.jpg

Cologne: "The Scent of Uprising and Victory."2009-02-17-perfume.jpg

Doorbell that plays the first few phrases of Nasrallah's "Victory Speech" after the July 2006 war with Israel.2009-02-16-doorbell.jpg


A black mug that, when filled with hot water, reveals Nasrallah's face.2009-02-16-mugs2.jpg

Photographs by Camille Almada

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