The Cutting Edge of Accessories: The Wooden Bow Tie

When deciding how to put together a good wardrobe, many men forget about the accessories.
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When deciding how to put together a good wardrobe, many men forget about the accessories. An interesting satchel, a colorful pocket square, or a unique bow tie can make all the difference in pushing menswear to the next level. If you're looking to add that extra edge to your ensemble - would you ever imagine that edge being made of wood? Why not a wooden bow tie?

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A new Chicago based company called Monties manufactures premium wood bow ties. The idea behind the wooden bow tie was inspired by a college project that the company's founder Montgomery St. Peter was assigned. While he initially set out to make a wooden cabinet to store bow ties, he ended crafting the ties themselves out of wood.

Here's how the founders described their brand:

Monties combines the resilience and charm of wood with the versatility of fabric to create something sophisticated when tailored together, a contemporary adaptation of the classic bow tie. Currently there are 10 styles of Monties available and three special edition Monties specifically designed for our Kickstarter supporters. All our Monties are unique to their name and guaranteed to make an elegant addition to your wardrobe.

While Monties does not yet have a brick and mortar store location, they are fundraising on Kickstarter to expand their brand. The goal is to raise $7,500 to cover the production costs of crafting new styles. If you support their fundraiser you can receive a special edition bow tie or even custom design your own. The Kickstarter campaign ends October 28th.

This fall why not be a little daring in your style? Indian rose wood with a pop of plaid would enhance anyone's look, so grab yourself a wooden bow tie! My favorite part is you don't have to fight to tie these bow ties...but that's just me being lazy. Good luck meeting your goal Monties!