The Life Changing Daily Encounters

On a daily basis, your path in life is crossed by those of other people, you make these encounters so many times that they pass mostly without any much thought. These encounters could range from something as fast and simple like two pair of eyes meeting without any words, to saying a small comment, leading to something big such as you two getting to have an actual conversation. Each one of those encounters no matter how small, can leave a trace in your soul without you even noticing.

I always contemplate about these encounters and what possible meaning they might carry. I was having a walk in London enjoying sun rays and the touch of autumn on the trees when I was about to pump into a handsome guy, we dodged each other's and we exchanged smiles. Then I saw a woman coming his way, and on the moment their steps met, she leaned on his ears and said something most probably was of a flirty nature because he stopped for a second with an apparent shy smile painted on his face.
It could have been an encounter that meant nothing for the woman, but I think it is a one that surely has left its traces on the guy.

A friend told me about a guy she met in the airport. She saw a friendly face eyeing her, she smiled and he smiled back then suddenly they found themselves having a conversation they both didn't want to end; for unknown reason. It was a brief encounter but it made them want to have an actual meeting and talk more. They finally did couple times. He liked her and she liked him but they both could not say it because, despite being here and now together, they both know they are from totally different worlds and are continents apart. If bridges could be built between the two continents, their worlds would not have the same chance. They parted but each of them has left a trace in the other and number of unanswered questions of which most start with "But what if?". My friend kept wondering on why did life make their paths cross. Was there a hidden message or was it just a meaningless coincidence?

A guy posted on Facebook that he was with a female friend in South Korea. She had a serious self-confidence issues and so was staying most of the time in her hotel room. The guy decided to take her out for a tour in the city, and while they were in the taxi the old driver out of nowhere told her in a broken English that she looked really pretty. The woman's face started glowing, but another surprise was waiting her. The guy and his friend were walking in the mall, buying stuff from different stores and they noticed that a certain man was following them. They got worried that he might be a theif targeting them, but then suddenly the man approached them, with a flower bouquet asking the guy to forgive his intrusion but he wanted him to tell his female friend that he was very impressed with her beauty and wanted her to just accept the flowers from him. The guy said his female friend was over the moon out of happiness. She later told her friend with tears in her eyes: "No one has ever called me beautiful".
What if that man saw her but did not dare to make his approach? What if the guy and his friend shunned the man and did not let him speak?

Have you ever wondered about this guy who opened the door for you saying "Good Morning" with a big smile on his face, or that woman who helped you collect your items after your shopping bag was torn apart, or even the impact of a simple word of kindness you said to a complete stranger?Have you ever wondered that you could have just made an encounter with the love of your life and you didn't realize it then you spend the rest of your life searching for their whereabouts?

When it comes to human interactions. I find myself a non-believer in coincidences, I believe instead that each encounter means something even if we were not able to realize it, perhaps because we don't give it much thought altogether and think of it as an invisible given in life. Perhaps we should initiate more interactions, respond more or just even smile more. Maybe our world has grown darker and uglier because we became more isolated and afraid of the other. Borders might be open, but minds and hearts are closed.