The Daily Mail Is Very Worried About Hillary Clinton’s Hair And Makeup

She lost the presidency, but more importantly, her glam squad.
This is what we call "hot garbage" in the biz.
This is what we call "hot garbage" in the biz.
The Daily Mail

Just one week after losing her presidential bid, former Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton dusted off her pantsuit and went to give a speech at the Children’s Defense Fund.

But LOL who really cares what that speech was about? Really, there’s no point in talking about her message that people should “believe in our country, fight for our values and never give up,” as our country is facing a rise in hate crimes, a new attorney general who once referred to civil rights groups as “un-American,” a potential national security advisor who tweeted that fearing Muslims is “rational,” and a chief strategist who has a record of distaste for Jews and women and taste for white nationalism. Instead, let’s talk about the woman who won the American popular vote’s lack of makeup!

At least that seems to be the burning hot take of The Daily Mail. As a post from Thursday confirms: Hillary Clinton had a face before the election, she still has a face after the election, and that face is still subject to objectively sexist physical commentary!

Everything is garbage, so guess it’s on women to get up and clean up the trash or whatever.


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