'The Daily Show' Sent A 'Gay' Couple To Alabama And Mississippi, And The Results Might Surprise You

'The Daily Show' Tests The Deep South's Homophobia

After finding out that statistician Nate Silver hadn't actually visited Alabama or Mississippi before he projected they would be the last states to approve gay marriage, "The Daily Show" sent Al Madrigal down south to see if he was right.

Using hidden cameras to follow two stunt men posing as a gay couple, Madrigal was able to capture surprisingly positive reactions from the locals in Mississippi, the last state to ratify the 13th amendment to end slavery, and Alabama, the state that "still has segregated sororities."

As it turned out, not only was there a lack of homophobic backlash to the couple, but a lot of folks celebrated their love (and even an engagement in a waffle house) right along with them. Your move, Silver!

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