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The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Takes On Army's New Hairstyle Rules With 'Operation Black Hair'

If you've been keeping up with the news on the Army's new grooming and appearance policies, then you know just how biased the new standards seem. Basically, the natural way in which our hair grows out of our head, including the hairstyles that help maintain those follicles, have been banned.

Silly, right? Well it definitely makes for some great comic relief when you get past the sad reality. And that is exactly what "The Daily Show" had in mind.

This week comedian Jessica Williams took on the hot hair topic for the Comedy Central program with a video entitled "Operation Black Hair." In her signature tongue-in-cheek humor, Williams attempts to educate the masses -- er, white people -- on how to maintain "an army without a lot of pissed of black ladies."

Check out the hilarious video above!

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