'The Daily Show' Takes On The Tennessee Mosque Controversy (VIDEO)

'The Daily Show' Takes On The Tennessee Mosque Controversy (VIDEO)

The discussion about the proposed "Ground Zero Mosque" continued last night on "The Daily Show," with Jon Stewart now facetiously dubbing it the "Community Center Of Death." This time, however, the focus moved from the downtown Manhattan to Murfreesboro, Tennessee and the planned mosque there that has people up in arms.

In a segment called "Tennessee No Evil," Aasif Mandvi visited Murfreesboro and met with Laurie Cardozza-Moore, the leader of the mosque opposition. Mandvi sat back and listened as Cardozza claimed her opposition had "nothing to do with religion" before she listed a slew of "facts" about Islam ranging from what they eat to how it is a actually a "political system of global domination."

"You do know I'm Muslim," Mandvi said at the end of her lengthy rant, to which Cordozza replied: "Nobody's perfect."

The more Cordozza spoke, the more Mandvi continued to troll her, going so far as to make a "suspicious" cell phone call after she mentioned Islamic training camps. "She knows about the training camps!" Mandvi whispered into a cell phone in front of her to someone named "Ahmed."

Mandvi also got to visit the mosque already in Murfreesboro for over 30 years and was ultimately shocked at how few terrorists there were, and how many tolerant mothers named "Cami." Still, Cardozza referred to the cultural center with no reputation for violence as "The Mothership."


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