'The Daily Show' Takes On Occupy Wall Street's Own Class Warfare (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'The Daily Show' Exposes Class Warfare At Occupy Wall Street

After eight weeks of Occupy Wall Street protesters filling Zuccotti park in downtown Manhattan, a police raid Tuesday left it nearly bare. But a few days before the protesters were evicted, "The Daily Show" got in one more eye-opening segment, this time highlighting the movement's inner class warfare.

Collectively dubbed the "Least Toileted Generation" by Jon Stewart, it might be a good thing that the Zuccotti park protesters cleared out when they did. According to the on-the-streets report from Samantha Bee above, the occupiers were actually in danger of emulating the very things they were fighting against: classism and elitism.

Watch as Sam Bee navigates her way from uptown Occupy Wall Street to downtown or "ghetto" Occupy Wall Street while talking to hipsters, "East-enders" and every sub-niche in between. Not only does it appear that all of the protesters were taking the same class in condescension, but their concept of "real" occupiers (vs. non-"real") sounds oddly familiar to something we've heard the Tea Party say.

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