'The Daily Show' Tries To Answer The Question: Who Is Still Supporting Rob Ford?!

'The Daily Show' Talks To Real, Live Rob Ford Supporters

Recently, the Toronto city council voted to decrease crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford's powers in a vote of 36-5. Repeat: Five members of the Toronto city council voted to keep Rob Ford at full power. In other words, fewer Republicans voted for Obamacare than members of the Toronto city council voted to keep the crack-smoking mayor in power.

"The Daily Show" sent correspondent Jessica Williams to find some of these real-life supporters. Even after she talked to a member of the city council, smoked crack on the job and asked citizens if they could tell the difference between Rob Ford quotes and Charlie Sheen quotes, the only conclusion she reached was that in Toronto, some people don't even want to be impolite to a crack-smoking mayor.

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