‘The Daily Show's' Roy Wood Jr. Shuts Down Debate Over Confederate Symbols

"Slavery is a trauma that black people to this day are still dealing with," the correspondent said.

“The Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. has offered host Trevor Noah a brilliant idea for dealing with all the controversy surrounding the Confederate statues.

“The solution, Trevor? How about we get rid of racism?” he said on Wednesday night’s show. 

Noah said that some people claim the fight over the Confederate statues is about “Southern culture and heritage,” but Wood shut that argument down.

“Any time somebody says ‘It’s culture!’ or ‘It’s heritage!’ ― that’s a euphemism,” Wood said. “It’s like saying you want to Netflix and chill, which we know what that really means.”

To illustrate his point, Wood directed the audience to a clip of a white man saying that his support for Confederate symbols had nothing to do with racism before accidentally calling civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. “Martin Luther Coon.”

“Look, I know you all want to keep your statues but here’s the thing: Slavery is a trauma that black people to this day are still dealing with,” Wood explained.

“It’s like if a woman got out of an abusive relationship and then she had to keep pictures of her ex up in her house to remember the time.”

He added, “No, I don’t need pictures to remember pain.”

Watch Noah’s full conversation with Wood in the video above.



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