Why Trevor Noah Thinks Hillary Clinton Will Never Connect With People

The nearly 66 million people who voted for her won't like his response.

Hillary Clinton finally “came out of the woods” for a public appearance at the Women for Women International event in New York on Tuesday and, as Trevor Noah put it, “she clearly found some shade.”

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Noah replayed a few of the former presidential candidate’s best jabs at Donald Trump, which included sarcastic remarks on whether or not misogyny played a role in her losing the election (it did) and casual references to the nearly 66 million votes she earned on election day.

“Damn, Hillary was in form today,” the host said of Clinton’s interview with Christiane Amanpour during the event. “She did so much dissing that all of the memes just joined her on stage.”

But Noah didn’t spend the rest of the above segment pouring over Clinton as the “one that got away.”

“The Daily Show” host offered his two cents on why Clinton ― an “overqualified presidential candidate,” as he called her ― won’t connect with the American people. His answer probably won’t sit well with the millions who voted for her.

Noah played a clip of Clinton discussing investments in “comprehensive job training” to prove his point, and political jargon abound.

“Hillary, Ben Carson called,” Noah joked after playing the clip. “He... wants... his... cadence... back.”

“The fact is we’ve all been inundated by cable news’ fake excitement and soundbite-y-ness for so long that I don’t think Hillary Clinton or a candidate like her could ever connect with people,” Noah further explained.

“Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he doesn’t bore you.”

Find out what else Noah had to say about Clinton’s cadence at 6:33 in the video above.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misstated the number of people who voted for Hillary Clinton as 3 million. She received nearly 66 million votes, or 3 million more than Donald Trump.



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