The Daily Struggle of a Modern Day Knight

This ongoing series documents the daily struggle of a knight forsaken, misplaced in time and space. Meet Wolfram von Eschenbach, last living descendant of his namesake, the 13th Century knight-poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, who fought alongside count Herman von Thüringen in the third Crusades.

Dutch photographer Martijn van Oers started documenting Wolfram's life in 2014. "I met Wolfram in a small village somewhere in Europe. At the time he was living in an abandoned warehouse, sleeping under some branches he collected in a nearby forest. I offered him a warm meal and after listening to his life story, I immediately felt this fierce knight's story needed to be told. Therefore, I took it upon myself to document Wolfram's ongoing struggle to be accepted by society. His wayward reluctance to adapt leaves him feeling unwanted and insecure. Like any modern day knight he longs for a life of normality, fitting in and maybe, to find love. Over the next few years, I will attempt to unveil the man behind the armour. To show everyone there ís a place for Urban Knights in our society."

Each image from Wolfram's Urban Adventures is brilliantly narrated by Andress Kools, a close friend who also feels Wolfram's story needs to be heard. If you are interested in keeping track of this story, head over to Wolfram's Urban Adventures on Facebook

"I found this wheeled monster, growling at the roadside. As I had often seen my chronicler control one of these fire-driven carts, there was no doubt that I, too, could master its rituals. Operating the levers and pedals produced terrible shrieks. Hellish noise that made me believe this apparatus is fueled by a caged banshee. It wasn't untill my expert command quieted the beast that I noticed a spectacle of light and noise behind me.

Clearly, this man challenged me to a race of some sort, flashing his colours atop his coach, brandishing a knight's shield upon his chest.The fool clearly had much to learn, as was made evident by his repeatedly bashing into the vehicle I had commandeered. His shiny monster had crippled my buggy and his yelling indicated he was some sort of wizard. He shouted "Freeze!" as if to invoke some weathergod's blessing to quench the sun's heat.

My metal companion now wheezed and coughed a smokey rattling as it sat against a wooden post. Nothing was freezing, but when the knight-magician produced his shackles, I hastily exited my transport and tactically retreated into a field..."

"It looked at me with a longing for companionship. Yearning to be taken from its prison among bicycles. Unlike humanity, it seemed to know I am capable of love. My heart felt fuzzy under my armour as I took the little mutt, its big eyes full of cuddly promises: this could be my friend! An unearthly shriek emanated from a woman obviously as domesticated as the little mongrel and shattered my dream. This harpy seemed non too pleased and demanded I return my newfound friend. Women have always denied me pleasure..."

"In the streets, her flamingo coloured hair enticed me to speak to her. Clearly impressed by my physical appearance and knightly demeanour, she agreed to join me in an inn of reputable standing.

As is becoming of a lady of class, she inquired about my wealth. After we agreed to trade an amount that satisfied her inquisition, she started to undo the strings of my codpiece. I had great plans for her, but as I showed her the tome of carnal knowledge, she fled in dismay!

Although this ancient Indian book did not feature positions for a lonely participant, the illustrations tickled my imagination enough to stretch my undergarment..."

"With nothing to give thanks for but the company of my chronicler and his tireless efforts to help me assimilate into the social fabric of modern existance, I have issued him an invitation to my estate for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. He directed me to the online Wikipedias for more information on the customs of preparing and celebrating for this feast, as I want to make my thankfulness clear by preparing a traditional 'Stuffed Turkey'.

Since I do not consider a fowl's head edible, the alternative orifice would have to serve as an entry point for the stuffing. There might have been an egg in the way, but a firm push of the leek made sure it went in without trouble. However, this grossly deformed chicken's disapproval was obvious by the sound it produced, akin to the stuttering exclamations of an orgasmic mermaid.

By our mutual decision, we abandoned the idea of filled-up fowl and pardoned the molested animal. Humiliated and hungry, I turned to my aunt's family recipe for Bavarian Tellerfleisch, which is beef boiled in broth, with horseradish. Thanksgiving Tellerfleisch, yum!"

This image was made possible by Wijnand Burggraaf - BURBEX

"I felt like a visitor to what is closest to a home. My ancestor's castle stood as magnificently as I could remember it. Yet, I chose not to dwell on feelings of lost chances, but to revell in this splendour like a true visitor and have a flashbox graft a reflection of myself onto paper. My trusted blade perfectly balanced the photo-chamber at the proper distance and, as it is considered appropriate according to my knowledge of nowaday culture, like the minstrel Tupac, I identified myself by holding my hand in a 'W' shape. My chronicler calls this a "selfey". I say: "It's Wolfram, b**ches!""