The Penis-On-TV Controversy That's Getting Everybody Hot And Bothered (NSFW)

Sometimes a reality show needs a little exposure.

That looks like a boatload of penis peek-a-boo.

Viewers of the adventure reality series "Sail For Distant Shores" on Danish TV got an eyeful of what appeared to be a camera-hogging schlong recently.

Isn't wardrobe malfunction great, Danes?

As the star and patriarch Mikkel Beha Erichsen sat down to lunch on a recent episode with his seafaring family, one of his sons, Emil, appeared to accidentally expose himself, Cosmopolitan UK reported.

Is that, um, oh, never mind.
Is that, um, oh, never mind.

The moment made waves on Danish host Anders Breinholt's talk show "Natholdet." But, the Mirror reported, the journalist did his due diligence and revealed that the sea serpent seemingly slithering out the guy's shorts was actually his foot!

In a YouTube clip (above) now crossing the bounding main of the Internet, Breinholt jokes about the show he now calls "Penis For Distant Shores." Suspicious-looking foot or not, he warns viewers not to wear loose shorts.



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