The Danger of the Irrational Trump Tweets

President Trump is supposed to be the moral leader of the United States and yet he continues to show a disregard for basic standards of decency. He re-tweeted false tweets purporting to show that all Muslims are violent and anti-Christian. The British government officially stated the President was wrong in re-tweeting anti-Muslim videos by a violent right wing British figure. It was so concerning that the Department of State is reported to have gone to the White House and warned that the it would not only inflame Muslims but alienate our British allies. The weak defense of the President, by press secretary Sarah Sanders was that the President highlighted that America needed to have strong borders. This has the same overtones as the President’s statement on Nazis’ protesting in Charlottesville or his support of Moore for Senator from Alabama. President Trump simply put has no problem appealing to the worse side of prejudice in order to maintain the support of his shrinking base. He does not mind expressing anti- Muslim, pro-Nazi or indifferent to claims of child sexual abuse if it helps him with a policy or supporter groups.

None of this is new but the degree and intensity is increasing and suggests the President maybe spinning out of control. The suggestion that he is spinning out of control is no too strong a description. How else can one explain the President implying that Joe Scarborough should be investigated for a death, that occurred over a decade ago of an employee, that was investigated at the time? Or explain how he could be suggesting in private that the Access Hollywood tapes are fake or returning to telling confidants that he is still not sure Obama was born in America. Particularly, at the same time when he should be focusing the public’s attention on the Republican’s important tax legislation that is being debated in congress. What is causing President Trump to act so irrationally? Perhaps, it is the news Flynn is seeking a deal with the special prosecutor. There will only be a deal for Flynn if he has information on a higher up. That can only be the President. Perhaps the President feels the recent public shaming of sexual predators will refocus the public on the 12 women who asserted Trump sexually abused them? In the end the reason for his irrational behavior is not as important as the consequences. We live in a world in which North Korean is obviously a terrifying threat and yet Trump continues to belittle the Secretary of State, we need our allies to combat terrorism and yet Trump insults the British Prime Minister and all Muslims, we need to stop the sexism that faces women and yet he supports a sexual abuser for the Senate. Whatever the reasons for this irrational behavior, it will not end well for this Country .

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