The Danish Health Care Industry improves the quality of lives for more and more Americans

Denmark and The United States of America has a very close and continuing relationship both in regards to people and trade.

Denmark has a long and proud tradition of supplying quality products and services. We have brought creativity and better quality of life to people all over the world.

Like the Danish fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen have lightened the everyday life of generations of people, so does the Danish health care industry aspire to create and produce quality products and services that can make a real difference for people that are challenged by disease and thereby improve their quality of life.

Over the years Danish design and Danish products have received worldwide recognition for their ability to be both innovative and of high quality. This certainly also applies to the Danish health care industry.

Denmark has one of the strongest healthcare industries in the world - especially if you consider the size of the country.

Danish innovative solutions in areas such as diabetes, depression, allergy, skin diseases and diabetes are widely recognized for their quality. This also applies to a wide range of medical devices and hearing aids.

Denmark may be a small nation but our health care industry makes a big impact.

The strong Danish healthcare system is a result of competent corporate leadership, strong educational opportunities and strong research environment.

The industry also benefits from a well-functioning Danish health care system, which is an essential partner for the health care industry when it comes to cooperation in order to create and develop new and better products. A strong alliance between the public and the private sector has been crucial for the success of innovative solutions.

The Danish healthcare industry has a very close relationship with The United States. And we are happy to see, that the relationship continues to grow: The Danish health care industry export to The United States has almost increased tenfold since the year 2000.

Every year the Danish healthcare industry export products worth more than 15 billion dollars. Approximately 28 percent goes to the United States. That makes the United States the greatest trading partner for the Danish healthcare industry, by far!

The industry activity creates growth and jobs in both Denmark and The United States

But most important of all. It makes a huge contribution every year to save American lives and improve the life quality for thousands of Americans. A fact that Denmark and the Danish health care industry are very proud of.

This article is part of a series of articles about the #RoyalVisitUSA. On September 27-30, a Danish business delegation, presided over by T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark, will be traveling to the U.S. for one of the most comprehensive trade missions from Denmark to date. The delegation represents 60 innovative Danish companies from the Healthcare, Agriculture and Food, Sustainability and Maritime sectors - all of which are leading economic sectors in Denmark. Joining the delegation are the Minister for the Environment and Food, the Minister for Business and Growth as well as five of Denmark's leading trade organizations. More than 650 Danish companies have subsidiaries in the U.S. These companies contribute to U.S. growth and job creation and employ more than 60,000 people nation-wide.