'The Dark Knight Rises' Set: Batwing, Tumblers, Catwoman Footage (VIDEO)

By now, with all the detailed footage that paparazzi have captured on the city street set, Christopher Nolan and the producers of "The Dark Knight Rises" must just desperately want to get out of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for them, we now know what their getaway vehicles might look like, too.

Then again, they are pretty sweet looking rides.

Major filming on Christopher Nolan's star-studded final Batman epic was done over the weekend in the Steel City, including chase scenes caught on tape by gathered onlookers. Revealing bits and pieces were caught with amateur cameras, including some up close looks at Batman's trusty air option, the Batwing. It's a big of a monstrosity, though it should look pretty intense and advanced once special effects are added.

Also getting sizable screen time is the army of tumblers that have been prowling Pittsburgh's streets over the past few weeks, as well as some detailed footage of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman stunt double.