The Day I Saved My Father's Life

Every man who grew up in a home with a father has that moment when they realizes that their father wasn't trying to ruin his life; he was trying to help prepare him for the world.

As Father's day approaches, I think about the lessons I learned from my father when I was growing up.

Other than learning the basics, which included how to shave, tie a tie, how to ride a bike and how to properly throw a punch, I learned what it means to be accountable.

If I were to describe my father to someone who didn't know him, I'd tell them that he is the toughest, most honest and sweetest man anyone could ever meet. I'd say he is a hybrid of James Evans from Good Times and Red Foreman from That 70's Show.

Earlier this year, I wrote about one of the most seminal moments in my life. My dad took me off of the football team for not having the grades he thought I should have. That was his special brand of tough love.

That is one of the things I believe that is lacking in today's society. It seems like kids do not take failure well. They don't know how to bounce back from it. When I was coming up, parents had no interest in being friends with their kids. The difference between parent and child was clearly defined.

Looking back, my dad tried to save me from mediocrity. Little did I know that one day, I'd save his life.

I would go to his house to wash my car. I would always wash it in the backyard. But something told me to wash my car in front yard instead. I went to the front yard to wash my car when my dad drove up. I kept washing the car but I noticed that he had not gotten out of the car yet. I went over to his car and I said to him "Dad, you going into the house?" He said "Yeah, just give me a minute." So I went back to washing the car. Then, I happened to look out of the corner of my eye and I saw my dad stumbling toward to house. I looked at him and we made eye contact and he said "Evan, my chest hurts. Take me to the hospital." I took him to the hospital. I ran every red light along the way. That may seem dangerous to some, but I wasn't going to lose my dad. He later had quadruple bypass surgery.

I'm not much for religion but I do think that things happen for a reason. That day, of all days, someone or something told me to wash my car in the front. I knew I wouldn't have been able to live with myself. Especially if I knew my dad died in the front yard when I was in the backyard washing my car. I would have been second guessing myself for the rest of my days.

No matter if you think divine intervention played a part or not, I get to enjoy my father not only on Father's Day, but the other days as well. I'll never take that for granted.