The Day Off Guide to Mother's Day Gifts

Since it's a little difficult to recommend gifts that equate a day off, simply give your mama a break.
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I keep seeing these cheery Mother's Day campaigns in my inbox that say: "What Moms Really Want." Maybe it's my decaf speaking, but how could they possibly know?

I would think some mamas with newborns like Kelly Clarkson would want a good night's rest. Others a chauffeur to take over carpool. How about the ability to take off at a moment's notice and not have to worry about booking a sitter? Oh, and do they have a formula yet that rids of mommy guilt in an instant?

What do moms miss most about their pre-kid lives?
Apparently ALL OF THE ABOVE according to
It turns out what we really want most as a
missed indulgence is a day off (45.3 percent). Where do I sign up for that?

Now this is all said in light of celebrating moms and with Mother's Day on the horizon. Since it's a little difficult to recommend gifts that equate a day off (even though Andy Cohen has labeled me the "gift-giving expert" -- thanks Andy!), simply give your mama a break.

This translates to don't let her lift a finger. If she attempts to head towards the kitchen, short of tackling her, redirect her. It's not her fault. She's on autopilot. If you don't cook, plan to eat out and budget for it, but definitely have a plan. Perhaps you do the weekly laundry for her while she takes a seat, and falls asleep sitting up.

I don't need a fancy, store-bought card that plays music when you open it. It's not like the most expensive card wins, but I do love a card. I still like hands dipped in paint and dried on the page (I'll probably still go for this when you're in college). I dig sloppy signatures that are dated so that years later I can fumble around with my loose noggin and try to remember how old you were. Something about the words "To: Mom" or "For Mama" written on the envelope still get me every time.

A gift doesn't even have to make sense in my book for it to be heartfelt. One year you gave me a birdhouse (though I don't recall asking for one). The kids painted all over it and put their squishy hands dipped in paint on there (read above), and then you wanted to hang it on the deck so the birds would come -- and I refused. First, I didn't want the birds to poop on it. Second, I wish to treasure it forever.

As you can tell, I'm easy to please. This Mother's Day I'll have to cut it short because of work travel and a super early studio call the following morning. But for the time we'll have being together, exchanging a card, receiving a "creative" gift and eating some food that I haven't cooked...that should be swell. And oh. I really adore professional massages since my shoulders get tight from doing all of the aforementioned laundry. (Smile.)