The Dean's Thanksgiving Poem For 2016

Be grateful to the Hamilton cast
For speaking truth to power, fast!
As Shakespeare said: "The play's the thing"
To catch the conscience of the king.

And thanks to voters one and all
Who seized their chance to make the call.
To those whose choice was to abstain,
You've got no basis to complain.

Should we not thank the mainstream press
That strived to rise above the mess?
To Wallace, Kelly, Todd et. al.
Not fair that you should take the fall.

Much phony news folks took as true,
'Cause some dudes want to mess with you!
We should perhaps be somewhat grateful
Most people know what's truly hateful.

Be happy Facebook, Google, Twitter
Have recognized they must be better
At knowing when it's clear to see
What's dangerous mendacity.

And let's be sure we stop to say
We're glad Gwen Ifill passed our way.
She brought such class to PBS:
May God grant her eternal rest.

And as our President retires,
Too bad we can't get two rehires.
He paid a price because of race,
But answered with "Amazing Grace."

The Congress fought him every session
But he kept us from Depression.
Insured twenty million more;
Blocked Persian nukes without a war.

Took on the phony "Caliphate,"
Yet stood against religious hate.
Fought the NRA, but failed;
But showed us we are over-jailed.

Gave undocumented kids a chance
To serve and study and advance.
Trump says their Dreams will have to go,
Can we make Congress "just say no?"

Let's thank those men and women whose
Quest for office, win or lose,
Showed courage, decency and spunk.
We will survive our current funk.

And raise a glass to Hillary:
She won a vote majority,
But lacked the Bush "strategery"
For electoral victory.

Her "Fight Song" gave us quite a whirl,
But couldn't drown out "Server Girl".
She parried the e-mail affair,
But who knew Comey was Javert?

We had our chance to Feel the Bern,
But Sanders couldn't make the turn.
Showed well in states the Trumpster won:
Isn't perfect hindsight fun?

But Democrats at least can savor
A chance to try a different flavor
Of candidates that heretofore
Could barely get inside the door.

Rooms Clinton folks monopolized
Can now be shared by gals and guys
Who will offer newer visions
That can really mend divisions

'Twixt working folks and elites,
Which almost guarantee defeats.
Divide and conquer often wins
If pride and envy are common sins.

So while we dream of future winners,
Let's remember super swimmers,
And gymnasts with routines so bold,
They won U.S. Olympic gold.

And celebrate Chicago's Cubs,
Who left behind historic flubs:
The team that Epstein put together
Proved it could win in Cleveland weather.

Yet Cleveland's Cavs with LBJ
Showed they too could go all the way.
Down 3 to 1 on hostile court,
Came back when Dub's were Draymond short!

Peyton, also, left a winner,
And not another steroid sinner.
He drove the Bronco's one last ride:
Now "Nationwide is on your side!"

To those who fear the Trump ascension
Because he sowed so much dissention;
And threatened civil liberties:
Let us take a moment, please.

Remember that our Constitution
Is a living institution.
One party rules, but does not reign:
No way we'll have a king again.

Our steadfast Lady Liberty
Stills calls masses to breathe free.
The yearning poor and tired
Know this woman can't be fired.

She's a dame that even Trump
Would surely be afraid to dump.
So if you're having sleepless nights,
Just re-read our Bill of Rights.