The Defenses and Excuses Offered by or on Behalf of Donald Trump, Jr. Are Irrelevant

Whether or not the Russian lawyer with whom he met actually represented the Russian government, how long they met or whether or not she furnished anything of value is immaterial. The e-mail received represented that the Russian government was prepared to assist Donald Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton obviously with material illegally obtained by or offered through a foreign government. The meeting was arranged with a foreign national at Trump Tower and apparently was deemed significant enough to request that two other high level Trump representatives attend. Donald Trump, Jr. readily agreed to accept and make use of the information and actually met, an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy, and then lied about the purpose of the meeting. Unless there was some proof of entrapment, the e-mail could have been bogus and created by an FBI agent, but the criminal conspiracy to violate the law would have been the same. Finally saying: “This is all new to me” is not a defense to criminal conduct.

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