The Delusion

I just read an interview with Dennis Miller. Lordy, what a load of hooey! Where to begin? How about:

Dear Dennis:

1) Please stop crying over the plight of conservatives in Hollywood. Jerry Bruckheimer is arguably the most successful TV producer ever. Drew Carey is the host of a quiz show gold mine. Adam Sandler is a huge star.The producer of 24 isn't on welfare. Every craft has a safe place and for liberals it is Hollywood. Please remember how kindly country music treated the Dixie Chicks when they expressed a differing opinion. Gee, THAT was fair treatment.

2) You're not a moderate because you think gays should marry. True conservatives don't care if gays marry. You are politically hooked up with sexual bigots who use the bible to front their phobias. The next time a child dies from the crossfired bullet from an illegal gun, ask your conservative buddies about that. Oh, that's right, the gun guys make you edgy.Yeah, right, if it doesn't fit your jigsaw puzzle of beliefs, you ain't with it.

3) Have you ever watched yourself on Fox News agreeing with the host? Did you ever stop to think the reason you are on is because you can say what he thinks and be funny (or try, anyway). Yeah, Sean, that's right and chuckle chuckle chuckle.

4) The reason George Bush has low favorable numbers is because the country is in a preemptive war waged on ego and is beset by an economy that is ripping the nation asunder. He isn't good at this POTUS thing, and the fact he cannot figure it out says everything. You did see him tell Bob Costas the US doesn't have any problems, didn't you? You need a roadmap after that?

5)The United States signed a pact with North Korea. Did you criticize Condi for talking to one third of the Axis of Evil Club? No? Really? Gee! Only Obama is a sap for wanting to talk to the enemy, of course.

Dennis I think you are a true family man, you love your wife and sons, and you are all about providing for them. I think you took a look at the field and decided to suit up with the Right for that reason. The idea that you were ever a liberal is the funniest line of all. Before you let your counter freak flag fly, you hammered Hillary Clinton continuously, and that is how I knew you were no friend of the lefties. She is the liberal test center, and you failed. Best wishes.