The Democrats' New Immigration Plan: Outdoing Arizona in Bigotry

The Democrats' New Immigration Plan: Outdoing Arizona in Bigotry
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The "Democrats" finally revealed their immigration plan today.

What's not to like about this proposal -- if you're that bigoted woman poor Gordon Brown has had to apologize to?

Actually, the Democrats already revealed an immigration plan in December. But Luis Gutierrez is some kind of angry brown man, and I think Pelosi is too, so that doesn't count. White people in the Senate have finally had their say.

This spawn of Schumer's devilish head has everything a power-mad DHS bureaucrat could desire. Immigrants are presumed criminals and terrorists before they're given a chance to be half-treated as humans. That's the whole thrust of the bill. Immigrants are presumed criminals or terrorists. The burden of proof is on them.

Read on and on for pages about enhanced border security, punishing criminal aliens, pushing them to the back of the line (we now have a number on the back of the line: it's eight years), making their lives as hard as possible if they come forward--and they will have to, otherwise they will be vaporized. Like in Men in Black.

Why should people who have already been here for ten, twenty, thirty or more years go to the back of the line? Shouldn't they--with children, spouses, jobs, lives here--be way in the front of the line?

The whole emphasis is on registration, registration, registration. This used to be the ugliest word in the political vocabulary. In anything other than that bigoted Gordon Brown woman's world, it still should be.

This is the Democrats' proposal to fix immigration? Ronald Reagan would choke.

A week has gone by since Arizona decided to formalize the criminalization of immigrants--taking its cues from the Obama administration. Not once has Obama forcefully said that the bill will be knocked down as unconstitutional.

Instead, this is how the bought-and-paid-for mind of our "constitutional law" professor-president works: a) Arizona and other states will pass fascist laws; b) We can do nothing about that; c) Therefore, we must pass our own fascist laws before they do it for us.

Biometric IDs. Militarized border up to our necks. Criminal checks. DHS personnel everywhere to detect document fraud. DHS personnel everywhere to monitor the entry and exit of every single person. A machine-like system the Nazis would have been proud of to INSTANTLY identify and deport anyone overstaying a legal visa. Just come after them, knock down their door, and take 'em out.

They have used the word "fortification" to describe America's border security. Fortification is right. They don't have English majors in Schumer's or Napolitano's office to think about the ramifications of words. Unmanned aircraft systems. Remote video surveillance systems. Mobile surveillance systems. All with Nazi acronyms.

Non-citizens undergoing deportation proceedings must inform the government of their location at all times. Every effort will be made to ensure that they deport voluntarily. "New crimes" will be created in the matter of document fraud and use.

Additional ports-of-entry will have enhanced connectivity to check fingerprint databases to screen out potential criminals. More will be done to let border patrol have the additional "tools" (whenever a government passes a fascist law, it's neutrally described as a tool--we're just trying to separate the criminal Japanese from the law-abiding ones: internment is just a tool), but they will be trained to avoid racial profiling. Sound like the justification of the Arizona law to you? The officers will be equipped with weapons. All other agencies of the government will be subservient to this mission of separating the criminal from the non-criminal parts of the immigrant population.

As for the biometric identification card, "under no circumstances" will medical or personal or position-tracking information be coded. Very reassuring! The Social Security administration will follow the model used by private companies to screen individuals' backgrounds before issuing the cards. Great model to follow!

To get a job in America your employer will swipe your biometric card on a machine. If within 24 hours the employer can't confirm that you're legal, tough luck, you lose your job. Of course, you'll have the right to administrative appeal. You may even win back lost wages!

Getting and keeping a job--just any job--in this country will become the most terrifying thing. Any moment you could be wiped out--if wiping your card doesn't result in positive identification. Workers of America, rest assured: Homeland Security will work with the Social Security Administration to ensure that the database for 300 million of us is perfectly accurate. You can count on it. Employers will be forbidden to practice discriminatory use of the system (appropriately called the BELIEVE system, as in George Bush's faith-based world).

There will also be a national birth and death registration system. You will not be able to die without being harassed. Unless you look like Elin Nordegren.

Criminal immigrants will pay to fund this whole system.

For new categories of temporary workers, all sorts of bureaucratic agencies will determine what happens. The Commission on Employment-Based Immigration will work its wonders. It will have infinite foresight to collect and evaluate all economic data to predict and determine employment levels. (While they're at it, they'll also figure out derivatives.) This Commission will have the power to "declare an emergency in America's immigration system." An emergency? Like with a recession? Will we be permanently at code orange, if the recession lasts ten years?

As a criminal illegal immigrant, after completing the joyful process of registration, you'll have the great privilege of living in limbo for eight more years--a new status will be created for you, so employers can use your labor, while you wait and wonder. You'll be a Lawful Prospective Immigrant. Eight years! You're already here, and cleared of any possible criminal wrongdoing after ten, twenty, thirty years. You'll have eight more years of probation. Then there'll be an updated criminal and terrorist check. You'll understand what it's like for South Asian and Filipino workers in the Gulf Arab states.

In the old Soviet Union, the hardest thing was to move around and just get a job. Or to quit one and start somewhere else if you didn't like it. Or just raise hell with your employer if he was an asshole. That's the path we'd like to follow. Mayor Bloomberg, this is collective national suicide.

A whole slew of government agencies will interfere with every aspect of getting and keeping a job--for all 300 million Americans--as the price of satisfying the bigots.

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