The DeNile Revolution as Tweeted

For a week, Twitter has been alive with messages from Egypt and all over the world. These brief verbal pictures of the Egyptian revolution are moving and poignant and pouring in by the thousands every hour. I have been reading tweets every day, but decided to select a few of the ones that most express what is being said at #egypt and #jan25, the two main Twitter sites broadcasting messages. As internet service has been shut down, it has become more difficult to access Twitter, but Google helped with a "speak2twitter" free phone number allowing Egyptians to call their tweets in. And they did! But as Conan O'Brien advised Mubarak, "If you want people to stay at home, turn the internet back on!"

The following tweets started early Tuesday morning in Egypt, February 1, the day of the Million March. Most of these tweets are posted within an hour or so late Tuesday. By all accounts, more than a million people eventually gathered in Tahrir (Liberation) Square during the day, and as sun sets in Cairo, they are still there. And they are in Alexandria and other cities as well. It is now about 6:30 p.m. in Cairo, Tuesday night February 1st. As you can read from the tweets below, the revolution is alive and well and only Mubarak is in "DeNile."

litfreak Oh, wow. 6:52 am in #Egypt and you can already hear chants behind Anderson Cooper. LET'S GO, MASR!

pourmecoffee Egyptians camped out in Cairo. For Americans, think of it as like the release of new Apple product if Apple made freedom.

FabiAlia_PRLMD Fabi. A. Al. I'm @ Egyptian friends house,his 80yr old grandmother asking 2 go 2 Cairo & protest saying:'at (cont)

nidalmawas Total internet blackout in #Egypt.

seckinozbek if your government shuts down the Internet, shut down your government.

NickKristof A good sign that cell phones still working here in Cairo, not cut off today as authorities said. Somebody blinked?

streetforcce1 RT @baratunde: so the mobile networks in #Egypt now perform about as well as the AT&T network for american iphone users.

Dima_Khatib أنا ديمة The revolution in #Egypt is not an Islamist, radical, fundamental or monster revolution. It is just people seeking freedom.

Google Launches Voice-to-Twitter Service To Help Protesters in #egypt

Libramuse I have 2 hurry, peel&cut veggies B4 th Million March on Heliopolis begins in #Egypt. Historic. Of course,I don't expect it to start on time New Google service lets you call to tweet from #egypt: we hope @speak2tweet helps people hear from the voices of Egypt

HuffingtonPost RT by msrehreh Wow: Tweets about #Egypt have increased over tenfold

abranches Social media: vastly important to informing the international public from inside #Egypt:

salmaeldaly our regime was able to get my Father - who is 63 sick old amazing man who can't even pray standing- to join #Suez protest for 3 hours

NickKristof When I lived in Egypt 27 yrs ago, #Egypt was wealthier than China. 1 reason for today's revolution: Egypt has barely moved.

monaeltahawy Hearing from tweeps that there's a rumour that #Mubarak is gone and that there are celebrations in the streets. Unconfirmed. Hoping!

monaeltahawy Hearing now that #Mubarak gone rumours r result of screw up by Al Arabiya correspondent. False alarm. Too bad! Out, yalla, go!

rania_masri protesters saying - we won't leave until mubarak resigns. protesters are saying they are 3 million in cairo

gyonis R.N.N: Some estimations (German news agency) that there are nearly 8 Millions protesting now all through

Editilla #Cairo #Egypt pop 2008: 7,786,640. That means right now over 30% of the city is standing tall in Tahrir Square.

chalidaporn RT @cnnbrk: #Egypt army thanks citizens for helping to protect public and private property."

czuegner RT @RussertXM_NBC: Egyptian State TV showing 200 pro Mubarak supporters, Al-Jazeera showing 2 mil anti Mubarak protestors.

TheNewsBlotter @SherineT: its getting colder now but people keep coming. this is a war of stamina between the people and the president.

AymanM All #egypt protesters I've spoken 2 say theyll remain in tahrir sq as long as it takes & chant 'martyrdom or freedom' Via phone

ockstarjoe "When people have their voice, they don't need to explode themselves." -wp. Best endorsement for freedom in #Egypt that I've heard yet!

NickKristof 1 thing to remember: #Egypt is the center of the Arab world, hq of films and ideas. What starts here ripples far beyond.

earthintelnet #Photos of #Egypt (2nd batch fr Cryptome)

gapingvoid Factoid. Cairo has roughly the same population as Texas.

ariedana Next time you think all kids these days suck, remember this:

DanersB AlJazeera Eng: Strategy of protesters is to stay in Tahrir Sq, 10s of 1000s sleeping there to keep momentum of campaign going.

michaelscherer Banner held aloft in Tahrir Square (in English), shown on Al Jazeera: "Yes We Can Too."

acarvin Break out the big guns. RT @ABronzo: You know there's chaos on earth when Anderson Cooper's got the t-shirt on.

randajarrar Street Theater Lives! MT @SultanAlQassemi Al Arabiya just showed mock trial [in Tahrir Square] of Mubarak & NDP complete w/ dummies.

TheDailyLove "There's no stopping an idea whose time has come." Our thoughts & prayers are with the ppl of #Egypt right now. Let freedom ring!

UPDATE: Mubarak will not step down. He says he will not run again. Probably not enough. As Nick Kristof of the New York Times says:

NickKristof Mubarak: "It is not in my nature to give up responsibility." Hmm. Better develop a new nature.

SECOND UPDATE: Mubarak did step down February 11, 2011.