The Deprofiler: Website Offers Caucasian Masks To "Help A Friend Be White"

At the very least, Arizona's immigration laws have opened the door for some great satire. Don't get us wrong - it's certainly not an even trade. But with the ridiculous bill has come equally (though purposely) ridiculous humor.

The Deprofiler is a website offering free white people masks to "remove reasonable suspicion." The masks, which come with convenient dotted lines for you to cut them out, are hilarious and come in a wide range of whites: bland man with goatee, bland middle-aged woman with Supercuts 'do, and even bland baby. I chose bland guy with subtle soul-patch. You know, to keep it real.

Perhaps the best part of the site is the message accompanying the share links: "Sharing is caring, and in this case it just might keep someone out of jail. Help a friend be white today."