The Descendants: Golden Globe Best Picture Drama Winner 2012

"The Descendants" has won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama.

The Alexander Payne-directed family drama stars George Clooney as a man struggling to navigate fatherhood through a storm of bad news. His wife, who is slowly dying after a surfing accident, is revealed to have had an affair, something about which Clooney's Matt King was clueless until his daughter tells him post-accident. He's also dealing with making a decision over the impending sale of his family's inherited Hawaiian land; he's facing pressure from his less affluent relatives to sell to a hotel chain that would hurt the natural beauty, something he is reluctant to do.

The film's co-stars Shailene Woodley as Clooney's daughter (Woodley was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress); Beau Bridges as Clooney's cousin; Matthew Lillard as the man with whom Clooney's wife was having an affair; Judy Greer as Lillard's wife; and Amara Miller as Clooney's younger daughter.