'The Descendants' Trailer: George Clooney's New Film Revealed (VIDEO)

George Clooney's Troubled Dad Drama

In 2009, George Clooney took on a small indie film from an acclaimed director, played an emotionally distant middle aged man stuck in a sort of existential crisis, and rode "Up in the Air" to an Oscar nomination.

This year, the same formula may just take him all the way to his second Academy Award win.

Clooney stars in the Fox Searchlight film, "The Descendants," playing a father left to care for his two daughters when his wife is hospitalized in a boating accident. Already charming and realistic, a hammer of a plot twist falls about halfway through the trailer, sending the story and his character in a whole new, compelling direction.

From Oscar-winner Alexander Payne (Sideways), the film, which co-stars Shailene Woodley, Beau Bridges, and Robert Forster, among others, hits theaters this fall.


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