The Difference Between Parenting Your First Child And Your Third


The differences between first-time and veteran parents can be comically apparent.

Mom and HuffPost blogger Bunmi Laditan explores this truth in a hilarious video called, "Leaving Baby With The Grandparents: First Child vs. Third Child." In the video, she portrays a first-time mom arriving at the grandparents' house with a truckload of baby products, clothes, and specific foods -- along with a laundry list of concerns.

In the second part of the video, Laditan fast-forwards in time to show the same mom leaving her third baby with the grandparents. To sum it up, she tells them, "You do you."

As Laditan explains in the caption, she created the video after dropping off her son at his grandmother's house one day. "I've noticed how shady I am leaving him vs. how paranoid I was with my oldest daughter," she wrote, adding, "Sorry son. Mommy loves you."

Too real!

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