The Difference Between Sexy and Pretty

A man's idea of sexy is simple and, once and for all, I'm going to lay it out to you. For the record, sexy is way more important for a man than pretty.
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A few nights ago, I appeared on CNN's Showbiz Tonight. As part of a panel -- three women and myself -- I voiced my opinion on Maxim magazine's list of the un-sexy women of Hollywood. I was, as always, honest and direct. I laid it out the same way you would hear it if you eavesdropped on a group of men. Isn't that what you want, brutal honesty? Isn't that what I'm always hearing from women; "tell me the truth, tell us how it really is." The good news is that 95 percent of you stick to that request, albeit with wincing eyes at times, but you take it on. However, there are 5 percent of you who are, not only hypocrites but, delusional beyond all indicated by some of the hate-e- male (yes, I know I spelled it "male"). Here's one such email, it came from Meg:

"Steve, I just saw your appearance as a panelist on Showbiz Tonight, and I must say, you are a total jackass. Your complete lack of rational thought on television only proves your idiocy. Your rude, unwarranted comments and continual interruption of others trying to speak showcases an absence of any sort of manners. Insulting the world at large exemplifies how shallow the gene pool has become. What a Royal Moron you are!"

I don't mind being insulted. I'm tough, but if you watched the segment, you would see that it was I who was being interrupted and that my emailer's comments came from blind bitterness and rage. However, that's not the point here. The point is that there are women who are hypocrites (or "hypo-crazy" in this case) and delusional.

The women who complain to me that men are shallow and have no right to publish -- in print or verbally -- what our ideas of sexy are, are the same women that are voting for People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" and coming up with knick names like "McDreamy." Duh, ladies, if there's a "Sexiest" there must be an "un-sexiest" and only you take full reign of who makes or doesn't make the cut. Not to mention, these same women are often the ones barking that guys are superficial and, yet, wouldn't dare date a great man who happens to be fat, old, and bald. That takes care of the hypocrites.

As for the delusional....

Ladies, if you think, for one second, that a man finds you sexy solely because you are sophisticated, educated, or emancipated, you are dead wrong. If you keep crying, "I want him to like me for my inside" then you are wasting your time. A man's idea of sexy is simple and, once and for all, I'm going to lay it out to you. Moreover, for the record, sexy is way more important for a man than pretty.

For a woman to be sexy in a man's eyes she must possess at least some of these qualities:

1. She must be able to dress classy but provocatively, regardless of her career, and she should care less about what people think...never forgets, she's a woman first.

2. She should take care of herself physically. However, that doesn't mean she has to be a specific body type or weight, it simply implies she can't dress or look lazy.

3. Sexy women walk with a slow and definite confidence...not march or, conversely, slump around.

4. She makes eye contact

5. Her perfume should be present but not over-powering.

6. She can't have a "sour puss" or get up on a soapbox and complain all the time.

7. It's best if her hair is clean and of feminine length.

8. She should be able to hold down a solid conversation and have her own opinions.

9. She should be able to take a joke...even if it's dirty.

10. She should never be on her phone, chewing gum, and laughing like a hyena caught in a bear trap.

If you remember one thing from this blog, remember this: no matter what looks you were born with, if you're the sexiest person in a room, you'll beat out the better-looking people any day of the week.

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