The Disappointing Sycophants Of The United States Government

To say that actions of the current president of the United States are troubling is an understatement. His thin skin and inability to take any criticism, his propensity to descend into juvenile name-calling and put downs of those who cross him in the manner of a middle school or perhaps high school bully, his apparent ignorance of American history and his lack of appreciation and respect for the office of the president have become glaring reminders of what can happen when a person who loves power more than the people he or she represent.

But this man has been the way he is for his entire life. At 70 years of age, who he is is etched in stone, “set in his ways.” Few people that age change. He has become a very wealthy man doing things “his way” for a long time. He has probably done his share of ’shady” deals in his accumulation of wealth and he has probably fired plenty of people who crossed him or got in his way . Perhaps that sounds cynical, but it is not uncommon for the very wealthy to be good at “deals” for which they will go to any length to close – as long as said deal enhances their personal wealth. The more money one makes, the more money one wants, or so it seems.

That this man vowed to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, however, and is blatantly chipping away at the very freedoms which have characterized American democracy is troubling. That he is threatening freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly, at the least, and that he is hobnobbing with and challenging leaders of other countries – not our allies – who are equally as brash and narcissistic as is he, is terrifying.

Instead of making America “great” again, it feels like he is making America very unsafe- even as his actions indicate that his definition of a “great” America is a country which denied American citizens the right to vote, promoted capitalism over the rights of the masses of American citizens, and believed in blatantly practicing white supremacy, which is unjust at its core, giving way to racism, sexism and classism to ruin the lives of many.

It would seem that the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate would be up in arms. In the name of democracy and patriotism, it would seem that someone would have stood up by now and said “enough,” but instead, our representatives and senators have shown themselves to be cowards and sycophants. They are allowing the bully in the White House to do whatever he wants. They are making excuses for his behavior, including, “He’s not a politician.” It is not an excuse and by now he is a politician, trying to run the country like it is a corporation full of his employees instead of a country filled with people who need good government.

And it is sickening to watch.

This week, the president spoke poorly about America, the country he is supposed to love, while he was in Poland. He used his favorite phrase, “fake news” to describe how unfairly and poorly the press is treating him. He could not refrain from boasting about how much money he made for NBC with his reality show in his tirade about the media. He put down the country the representatives and senators say they love.

And they have said and done nothing.

In Poland, the president blamed any action of Russia in America’s election on former President Barack Obama, and wondered out loud why Obama didn’t do “anything” when his administration learned about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. That is a legitimate question and it speaks to the spirit of the country during the election when the president was screaming daily that the electoral process, and the American system, were “rigged.” Who knew what to say, and how to say it, given the wild charges that were being thrown about? But for the president to denounce the former president on foreign soil was unconscionable.

At the moment of this writing, there has been no outcry from anyone from the GOP in response to president’s dumping on America in Poland, but perhaps it is because the GOP knew about Russia, too, and said little to nothing during the campaign. The GOP was sanctioning the would-be president’s behavior even then; it has been supporting this president in all of his seemingly aberrant behavior for some time. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell knew what was going on, too, and according to reports, he urged his fellow Republicans not to press the issue because he doubted the accuracy of the information about Russia’s involvement that he was receiving from the Obama White House.

The GOP did not push back against the president when he fired FBI Director James Comey, it was quiet when the president kept the American press out of the oval office when Russian operatives visited the White House, but let Russian journalists in. The Republicans have been only mildly enraged at his tweets, which have undermined the country at every turn; they have said nothing about his crassness and behavior not fitting for the office of President of the United States.

They have been, and are, accessories in the ruination of America.

If this were a Democratic president, the Republicans would have been up in arms. The calls for impeachment would be deafening by now, and would have begun months ago. But this GOP, more concerned about party than country, lets the fraternity jock do whatever he wants, and they run behind him like little baby goslings run after their mother.

If and when he makes a mess ― which he always does ― they just do their best to clean it up and let him go his way.

If America does not have its freedoms, if the head of state consistently attacks the freedoms that characterized American democracy as something to behold, then what is America? This past Independence Day caused pause for many; the words of “God Bless the USA” seemed empty and untrue. The song says, “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free!” If this president – and his sycophant GOP lawmakers – have their way, very few people will be free.

And if our freedoms are eroded, if we continue to slip away from democracy and move toward being an authoritarian government, the president will be to blame, yes, but so will the Republican lawmakers who allowed the president to insult, demean and denigrate the country he is supposed to be leading.

If anything is “fake,” it seems that it is this president, yes, but more importantly, the legislative branch of the government, which is not supporting America but is cowering before an out of control president at the expense of this nation and its people. The senators and the representatives are supposed to “protect and defend” the United States – even, from a man who should not be president, a man who is throwing his own country under the bus.

Their silence and normalization of this president is disheartening. They should all be removed from office