The Disaster That Is Donald Trump's Tax Plan

Tax reform was going to be an important issue in the Trump administration.

Remember when former President Obama was office and Republicans cared so much about the national debt, even though he did cut the deficit? Now that we’re under President Trump, they suddenly don’t seem fired up anymore.

Maybe it has to do with Trump’s tax plan, which can only be as successful as the disastrous healthcare plan he withdrew at the last minute. Essentially, Trump is giving tax cuts to the wealthy (as if no one saw that coming). He has also said that it doesn’t matter if his policies grow the debt on paper, because they would somehow improve the economy and pay for themselves.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that tax changes would make the economy grow by 3 percent. Interesting how Trump slammed Obama in the past for having only 2.6 percent of growth in 2015, yet his plan won’t offer much more than that.

Tax reform was going to be an important issue in the Trump administration, but something has stopped him short. He was supposedly going to cause an uprising of reformed plans that would benefit the everyday American, but he couldn’t even accomplish a decent tax plan in his first 100 days as president.