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'The Displaced Person' Exhibition Examines The Spaces Of Participation And Alienation (PHOTOS)

Privacy is rapidly becoming a quaint notion of the past and the whole world seems to be turning into a giant public space. Displacement and exclusion become part of our daily lives as everything becomes a question of participation vs. alienation. The exhibition 'The Displaced Person' suggests that though it is often skewed negatively, exclusion is a virtue, and always has been.

The exhibition features work from Ron Athey, Walt Cassidy, Jesse Aron Green, Geof Oppenheimer and Sue WIlliams. Each approaches the sense of loss and isolation in the public sphere differently, yet they all share a sense of noble vexation. The eerie beauty of Ron Athey's lone, hanging mass of blonde hair-- real human hair, by the way-- reminds us that sometimes beauty must be achieved through loneliness and discomfort, and the same can be said about art.

The exhibition runs at INVISIBLE EXPORTS until February 12 in New York.

The Displaced Person

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