The Diversity Advantage

Diversity is a huge part of business. And in today's global marketplaces, that's certainly true. I also firmly believe it's good for business--and women have especially unique contributions to make.

One thing I've learned over the years is that women tend to be natural collaborators and communicators. For women at all levels of their careers, constantly building your personal network both internally and externally is extremely valuable. Building personal networks helps you to draw on others to augment your own insights and perspectives. This is especially important for leaders because they need experience, perspective and insight.

At the company where I work, we're committed to supporting women's professional goals and aspirations. It's all a part of our overall goal to attract, retain and advance women, which supports our broader commitment to an inclusive and diverse workplace.

One area I'm passionate about is encouraging more women to begin careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. STEM skills are a business imperative. We need the intelligence, talent and ability of women to help fill the growing number of STEM jobs. At my workplace, STEM skills are critical. Technology-led innovation is at the heart of our business--a business in which women comprise almost a third of the workforce.

Across many workplaces there are still barriers for women. That's why I'm a part of BoardAgender. Our mission is to recognize the growing importance of putting women's talents to work to help break down these barriers. As a leader and a champion at BoardAgender, I feel honored to be part of a group that is translating beliefs into actions and creating an environment where we help women succeed at the workplace.