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Dr. Jordan Schaul with his rescued Doberman (Baron)

Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul originally published this article for inclusion in the blog of the exclusive Silicon Valley-based matchmaking service Linx Dating. The boutique dating provider has received a considerable amount of national and international press in recent years, as has its founding CEO Amy Andersen who is known as the Cupid of Silicon Valley. In this 2013 Vanity Fair feature on Linx Dating, Amy discusses matching a sophisticated high-net-wealth clientele base in a unique market and for a very unique demographic. Dr Schaul has posted other articles on behalf of the exclusive matchmaking service here in Huffington Post, which also appeared in the Linx Dating blog.

A few cities may rival San Francisco as the most dog friendly metropolitan area in the US, but we still think we dote on our dogs more so here in the Bay Area than anywhere else. And why wouldn’t we?! We have some of the most scenic dog parks in North America! For example, what offers a more incredible panoramic vista than a view from the Bernal Heights off leash dog park?

Bernal Heights, as just one example, is not only a great place for some dog-dog and dog-human bonding. Believe it or not, this 35-acre off leash park is a great place for some human-human bonding. It draws an eclectic crowd of dog lovers because it offers spectacular visuals of the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco, and the hills of the East Bay and more.

Dr. Schaul & his dog Baron before heading to the park

Quite frankly, your dog can never get enough exercise and dog experts tell us that regular trips to the dog park can help strengthen your relationship with your canine family members. But we’re people experts here at Linx, and we are convinced a dog park is also a great venue for meeting a significant other or to bring a date. Make it a double date with your dogs and kill two birds with one stone.

Marshall and his siblings before being adopted by Linx Dating CEO & Founder Amy Andersen
The image above is the actual photo of Marshall (The puppy adopted by Linx Dating Founder & CEO Amy Andersen) and his littermates used in their SPCA FB adoption advertisement. This litter of the “7 Dwarfs” was dumped on the side of the road in Fresno. All the girls had been adopted when they got to the local SPCA and 3 boys remained. Lucky for them, Marshall was there waiting just to join Amy’s household 🙂.

If you don’t yet have a dog, it might be worth the investment. We suggest you go rescue a dog and help reduce the overpopulation of pets. Organizations like the SPCA or the Humane Society are wonderful resources if you want to learn more about pet adoption! It’s a great service to companion animals and it might just help you find a human companion. Linx Dating founder and CEO Amy Andersen and her husband adopted the most loving pup in 2012 from the Fresno SPCA. They drove nearly 3 hours to get him and instantly fell in love! Amy said it was heartbreaking walking through the SPCA with the hundreds of animals of all ages and breeds looking for that special family to take them home.

Marshall as a little 3 month old pup- doesn’t he look like a rabbit?! (Linx CEO Amy Andersen's puppy)

Your prospects for meeting a mate via the dog park couldn’t be greater than they are in the Bay Area. It is also a great place to introduce your dog to your date, if you’ve already met someone. You’ll quickly learn a lot about your new potential love interest in seeing how he/she interacts with furry friends and responds to them. You might quickly have your answer as to keeper or time to keep looking!

Amy and her puppy purse and Marshall!

If novel social situations can be at all uncomfortable, and they are for everybody in some context or another, we encourage people to go places and do things that take the focus off of you. A dog park offers just that, even for people with the most well-behaved dogs. When you are with your furry family member you have something obvious and easy to talk about. Your dog may not just be the love of your life, he or she is also a great conversation piece and ice breaker.

Nothing is more true than the notion of meeting someone who falls for your puppy, right? It is a scene played out in countless films and that is probably because it works. If you elected to visit Lafayette Park you might even encounter some local luminaries with their pooches. It is a haven for the well heeled crowd avec chien.

Fort Funston offers some pretty fabulous off leash dog park recreation as well. You may have to compete with people on horseback or bicycles, but the view is absolutely stunning.

Other great locations include close to Corona Heights Natural Area is Corona Heights Dog Play Area near the Randall museum. It’s pretty rustic, but your dog is guaranteed to love it.

Mountain Lake Park on the southern border of the Presidio has a dog designated site. It is a dog walker’s delight and comes highly regarded by those in the profession as a great place to exercise dogs. Its also a wildlife haven with active natural resource restoration programs ongoing.

For a list a great dog parks, check out this article from Rover.com

Finally, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission has designated several dog play areas. Here’s a comprehensive list.

Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul is a zoologist, exotic/domestic animal trainer & dating, lifestyle & celebrity influencer reporter. For more of his Huff Post articles, please visit this page.

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