The Donald And P***ies

WOLF. You have excited a lot of press interest lately by saying you are such a celebrity you can grab any woman by the "pussy." Some say this kind of talk has lost you the election.

DONALD. I've already won the election. Everybody loves me, okay? We're going to win so big, ladies and gentlemen.

WOLF. Have you looked at the Internet lately? A lot of women are feeling very insulted.

DONALD. Ridiculous, they all love me.

WOLF. For groping their genital areas?

DONALD. I don't know what that means.

WOLF. The word you used was "pussies."

DONALD. I must have been talking about their Persian cats.

WOLF. Excuse me, but I think you know very well what you were talking about.

DONALD. Well, if I used that word, it was only locker room talk.

WOLF. I belong to a gym and I never such heard remarks in a locker room. What you said is closer to locked-room talk. It could land you in prison for sexual assault.

DONALD. Just for talking?

WOLF. Two women have testified that you assaulted them a number of years ago. And didn't you once grab a Miss Universe by the breasts?

DONALD. No. I just showed her one of the places where she could lose a lot of weight.

WOLF. That is known as groping.

DONALD. Well, let's face it. Women love to be groped. Especially by a celebrity like me.

WOLF. A lot of Americans of both sexes might object to that opinion.

TRUMP. Listen, Wolf. These people are horrible people. They're horrible Americans and horrible people.

WOLF. Wasn't it you who objected to Hillary using the word "deplorables."

TRUMP. Terrible thing to call my voters. Hers are the horrible ones.

WOLF. You're trailing Hillary by eleven points for using words like pussy.

TRUMP. The polls are rigged. My polls show me miles ahead.

WOLF. And who did your polls for you?

TRUMP. A firm I established a few months ago through my Foundation.

WOLF. I'm not sure that's entirely legal.

TRUMP. If I do it, it's legal. Maybe not now but when I become President everything I do will be legal. Including putting Hillary in jail.

WOLF. Thank you, Judge Trump.

TRUMP. That, too.