The Donald On Women

SPRITZER: Mr. Trump, you have been quoted as calling all immigrants rapists, and demanding that American women be protected from their attacks.

DONALD: That's right, okay, I said that so it must be true.

SPRITZER: How would you go about protecting them, may I ask?

DONALD: Well, first of all, they should protect themselves, and not expose their bodies in the street.

SPRITZER: Some of the men you call rapists say the same thing.


SPRITZER: Muslims, for example, demand that women wear burkhas so their faces and bodies cannot be seen by anyone but their husbands.

DONALD: Well, that's one thing they got right.

SPRITZER: And what about your third wife, Melania?

DONALD: What about her? Be careful now.

SPRITZER: Well, wasn't she an immigrant before you married her?

DONALD: But not after I married her.

SPRITZER: And didn't she do nude modeling for a European magazine, hugging another woman?

DONALD: She didn't get paid.

SPRITZER: Does that make any difference?

DONALD: Sure it makes a difference. It wasn't professional. It was art.

SPRITZER: So it's art if your wife does it, and pornography if done by another man's wife.

DONALD: Well, it happened before I met her anyway.

SPRITZER: So what does that make it?

DONALD: History.

SPRITZER: Thank you, Mr. Trump.