The Donald's Constitution

Now that Donald Trump is President and is assured a compliant Supreme Court, here are some of the changes we can expect to already existing Constitutional amendments.

1. Petitioning government for the rights of redress. Fagitaboutit. Freedom of expression and rights to free speech? How about freedom of oppression with no rights to impeach.

2. Right to bear arms. Yeah, and full freedom to use them, too.

3. No quartering of soldiers in private homes. How about no quartering of European businessmen in Trump Hotels?

8. Prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. That's why we're going back to waterboarding at Guantanamo.

10. Federal only has powers delegated to it by the States. You can reverse that formula now.

11. Makes the States immune from suits from foreigners. Not when Trump is continuing to do business with foreign capital and foreign government.

12. Makes States immune from suits by foreigners. Not when Trump is doing business with them.

15. Prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Tell that to Trump's Mexican "rapists" and the prisoners in the criminal system.

16. Permits Congress to levy an income tax. Not if Trump keeps his promises to shield the one percent from higher taxes.

19. Prohibits denial of the right to vote based on sex. Tell that to the Groper-in-Chief.