The Donald's Innovations

Our newly-elected President may very well turn out to be the most innovative Chief Executive in American history.

First of all, he is certainly the first such politician to become his own lobbyist. No one in the White House has to argue in favor of Trump Hotels or Trump Golf courses or Trump real estate. Trump, along with immediate members of his family, will do that for them.

Second, this will be the first time in history that the White House has become a profit center. I can imagine the new President selling overnight rooms to visitors, complete with visits to the Oval office to shake his, and perhaps coin-operated toilets..

Thirdly, Trump will be the most superlative President in history. And by that, I mean his use of the language, starting with calling President Obama "perhaps the worst President in the history of the United States."

Everything he regards is either the best or the worst. All he candidates he he vets for office are "terrific." James N. Mattis, the hard-lined Marine Corps General he is considering for Secretary of Defense, is a "great man." After early feuding, he then offered to make Governor Kasich of "the GREAT GREAT GREAT State of Ohio" "the most powerful Vice President in the land." All of his other considerations are "really talented people."

Then there are those who had the bad taste to disagree with his positions, criticize his appointments, or question him, starting with the New York Times--"a laughing-stock rag...truly one of the worst newspapers": Marco Rubio has "the worst record in the US Senate in many years." Joseph Biden--"not very bright." Michael Bloomberg: "His last term as Mayor was a disaster." Donna Brazile: "chokes on the truth." CNN: "a joke...biased...very dumb...a bunch of losers." And so on and on, through 285 other examples of thoughtless smears.

Yes, Donald Trump will be an innovative, superlative President. The big worry is whether he will innovate this democracy into an innovative, superlative dictatorship.