The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing The Right Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is probably the most important piece of cloth a girl will ever wear and shopping for it can be stressful. 

I think every girl has her own version of perfect wedding dress, whether it is a vision of a “princess” marrying her “prince” or of a cool “it girl” marrying her “rock star.” While like each bride, each perfect dress is truly unique, there are some basic “dos” and “don’ts” which can help guide each bride to her own perfect choice. 
 As a fashion designer who has had the privilege of dressing many brides, including celebrity brides, for their wedding days, here’s some of my personal advice:

DO consider the big picture: A wedding dress is the one occasion most women get to experience made-to-measure dressmaking. What I always teach my clients to do is to imagine the entire wedding - the whole theme, the venue, the season and so on.  Start with a silhouette then work towards the one that is decorated with the right elements that will fit your wedding theme.

DON’T put too much emphasis on trends: Trends changes all the time, so dig deeper to find what you really desired when you were a little girl – a princess-style ball gown or a simple elegant slip dress. More than trends, what’s most important I think is the fit, and second-most important is to go with the best material you can best afford.

DO listen to your heart, not your BFF: When you go wedding dress shopping, I think it’s important to bring the people that will help you make this process fun and memorable, but always listen to your heart, not your mom or your BFF. You are the most important person at the party.

DO dance around the fitting room: When I design a wedding dress, I always imagine a girl walking down the aisle, not standing in front of a mirror. Make sure to really try the dress - move, sit, stand, and dance in the dress. A lot of brides tend to stand in front of a mirror when they try on a dress. Weddings are celebrations – so make sure the dress is comfortable enough to wear for hours and accommodate all your best dance moves.

DON’T think a wedding dress must always be white: Have fun with color! Chinese always wear red to their weddings. I have made wedding dresses in colors like pale pink, light yellow and more.

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