The ‘Downward Spiral’ That Is This Presidency

Trump disclosing classified information to Russia is "the most serious charge ever made against a sitting president."

With the Washington Post report that President Trump disclosed “highly classified” information to Russian diplomats during a May 10 meeting in the Oval Office, the question arises: When are we going to hit the bottom? This isn’t the run of the mill, Trump-stuck-his foot-in-his-mouth accusation. This is serious on a whole new level. As Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “This is the most serious charge ever made against a sitting president.”

The information that the sources to the Washington Post allege was revealed was information that had been shared from a U.S. ally. Information that was so classified that it was withheld from other allies and even most within the U.S. government. For it to be freely disclosed to Russian representatives is beyond reprehensible.

Hillary Clinton was accused of treason by Trump supporters and the GOP for using an unsecured server that Russia could have hacked to obtain classified info. Now the man those same people elected is reportedly handing over state secrets during tea time at the White House. Russia is not now nor have they ever been our partners, they can’t be trusted, and yet we have a president who by all appearances and statements seems to be in love with all things Putin.

Again Trump even has GOP legislators scrambling to cope with what is happening. Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Republican Senator Bob Corker, said “The White House has got to do something soon to bring itself under control and in order,” and “Obviously they’re in a downward spiral right now, and they’ve got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that’s happening.” A spokesman for Speaker Paul Ryan stated, “The speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts from the administration.”

This all puts the loudest champions of the Trump campaign in a precarious position. From the chants of “lock her up” to Trump’s own tweets about leaks of classified information now seem extremely disingenuous at best and outright hypocritical when held under the light of these newest allegations.

Again Trump fails not only the nation but the entire world and our allies by his reckless and cavalier attitude. When is enough enough? We have, what appears, at the very least someone in the office of POTUS who doesn’t understand the responsibility of his actions and words. At the worst, we may have someone who does and doesn’t care.

This Post Originally Appeared at The Good Men Project.