The Dream Team

Coming together is a beginning, working together is progress, believing together creates magic.

He was a retired jockey, an old soul who was deeply passionate about his sport. She was a horse trainer who came to the edge of death, but never let go of her dream. Then there was the horse who brought together the soul of his jockey and the heart of his trainer.

This past weekend at the Breeders' Cup in California, this dream team made magic happen: comeback Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens, back after a seven-year retirement; Kathy Ritvo, a horse trainer, who nearly died before undergoing a heart transplant in 2008; and Mucho Macho Man, the horse who came in second last year in the same race. Now, against all odds, they won the biggest prize at the event. 

Aside from its value as a heartfelt story, what lesson can we learn from those who faced a great struggle and were up against all odds?

Today, businesses everywhere are facing a tough race, with global competition, turbulent market conditions and hard-to-come-by sales. While we struggle to make things happen, we need to remember why we're in business in the first place and never lose sight of our dreams.

We need to remember what drives our heart and feeds our soul, and bring these elements to our business.

Vision: A vision isn't a statement. A vision is a set of ideas that describe a future. Business demands commitment and dedication; a vision provides clarity and sustainability through the inevitable highs and lows.

Presence: Business changes every minute, so you learn by listening and acting on the feedback you receive. Hold on to your original dream and remain in the present while working toward the future.

Heart: Everything you do for your business has meaning larger than yourself, and doing it well takes unwavering passion. If you don't have heart, you won't give your best effort. 

Soul: The work you do must be aligned with your values and make sense with your purpose. The depth of your feelings can show you whether your soul remains visible through your actions.

Mindfulness: Deliberate intention focuses on a destination, but without trying to predict every step. Be mindful of your time and communication; stay focused on your purpose and you'll elicit the best from those around you. 

Luck: Everything yields to diligence. What we call luck is actually years of hard work at the intersection of perseverance and passion. 

Team: Build your own dream team by surrounding yourself with those who have the thoughts, ideas and heart that resonate with yours. 

Even in the worst economic times, we still live in a world where people like Steve and Kathy, and a horse like Mucho Macho Man, can make dreams come true.

Nothing can get in our way when we allow the heart and soul to be connected. Every job, idea and business that comes from the heart can survive the elements of struggle to make its own magic.

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