The Easiest Way to Earn an Extra $29K

What are you learning about right now?

I have been studying emotional intelligence for years (and I coach it) because it is the #1 driver of success in direct correlation to income. On average, those with a higher EQ earn $29K more per year than their counterparts who have not developed this part of their brain... 

Self-awareness and self-management require that you actually spend the time and as I say "do the work." Part of this means that you have to endure the journey and be able to focus on uncomfortable feelings that may be negative. You have to get over your precious little ego, and be willing to go deep. (That's why I coach this - because most people can't and won't do it on their own...)

When I learned to implement these strategies and especially use them through the power of story, I found myself in tears trying to tell a story in front of a mentor. (The exact situation that I would try to avoid because I felt silly or uncomfortable). Then the next morning.... because my emotions did not stop me... I told that same story, in front of an audience of 20, and attracted over $20K in new business..

But there once was a time that I was probably the least emotional intelligent woman, maybe ever. (Ok - that's harsh, but lemme tell you more...)

I was going through a group coaching program - back when I was a Financial Advisor, so it was literally me and about 10 dudes. We sat down to watch a video. It was of Rick and Dick Hoyt. Maybe you've heard of them?

The dad was basically an overweight smoker / alcoholic, and his son is in a wheel chair. His son was inspired to raise money for another student and encouraged his dad to do a road race - while pushing him in his wheel chair. At the end of the race he said, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not disabled.”

This led to his them doing over 1,000 races together - including marathons. MARATHONS!

Well, the movie was inspiring. Emotional. Every guy in the room had tears in their eyes, and there I sat - stoic as ever. No one would ever see me cry. I am powerful. I am woman. I am boss. Emotions were messy, and icky, and well - I was above all of that.

If only I knew then, what I know now: EMOTIONS ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESS. 

Imagine if you had the key to perceiving what others were thinking or feeling without getting caught up in your own emotions.

Imagine if you could actually listen to your prospects without anticipating what to say next.

Imagine if you could get out of your own inner-monologue and return to the bigger picture dialogue... 

What could you do? 

Make a lot more money. 

Get out of your own damn way.

Change lives. Grow businesses.

Who'd have thunk? It was that easy...

AND.... Your EQ is something that you can increase by your own efforts, so why on earth would you not be learning this? I'll be sharing some powerful tools with you during the "Create Freedom and Riches" 5 Day Challenge that starts on March 6 in my Facebook Group: Aspire to Retire Rich. You'll tune into greater self-management, overcome emotional resistances, learn how to tell a killer story, and up-level your authentic VISIBILITY immediately. (Yup, I'm going to get you on video in my group!) Game on! I can't wait to share this with you, ladies!

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