WATCH: Brit Marling, 'The East' Star, On Kissing Ellen Page Onscreen

Up-and-coming actress Brit Marling came on HuffPost Live to discuss her role in the environmental activism thriller, "The East" opening in theaters May 31. Marling stars as an FBI agent assigned to infiltrate a group of extreme environmental activists called "The East" led by Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page.

Director Zal Batmanglij and Marling discussed a scene of bonding between the cult members where the members of "the East" play spin the bottle and freely kiss one another regardless of their sexual identities. Marling at one point kisses Ellen Page and director Zal told host Ricky Camilleri the inspiration for this scene came from an actual experience both Zal and Marling had while playing spin the bottle together on the road.

Marling said the cast were so comfortable with each other that they just began spinning and kissing each other freely. "It was amazing because nobody knows where the bottles going to land or what people are going to ask," Marling said. "Everybody had spent so much time in character that they were just being the character. So, Alex [Skarsgard] spins the bottle and it lands on Tess and he's like, 'Can I kiss you stomach?' And everyone in the group is like, 'What's she going to say?'



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