The Easter Egg Disaster of 1973

The Easter Eggs of 1973 didn't turn out as well as the ones this year.

We had just gotten our first microwave was huge, you could roast a turkey in it!
My sister Sara and I decided to get a jump start on the Easter Egg process and carefully chose a large glass couldn't use metal in a microwave, we knew that..filled it with three dozen eggs, placed the bowl in the microwave, closed the door, and turned it on high...for about six minutes. That should do the trick.

At about the two minute mark, Sara said, "I think I saw one of the eggs move!"

I looked too...sure enough one had started to quiver, ever so slightly. Then another one did. Suddenly they all began dancing a delicate Easter Egg Boogie....just before they began to explode.

Alerted to the sound of firecrackers in the kitchen, Mom and Dad came rushing in, Mom screaming higher than dogs can hear, asking really pointless questions such as "What-in- the-world-do-you-think-you-are-doing-have-you-just-lost-your-minds..." Fortunately her screams were muffled by the sound of the exploding eggs.

Dad looked inside the microwave and saw an omelet...with shells, cooked on all surfaces of the inside of the microwave...sort of a Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern Omelet All-In-One. All he could muster was, "Well Golly Damn!" That was as strong a series of epithets I ever heard emerge from his lips.

The microwave then let off a happy 'DING', letting us know that our taste treat was ready.

There really wasn't that much smoke, a few small trails whirling toward the ceiling...the real problem was the stench! The putrid smell of sulfur would have given any self-respecting paper mill a run for its money.

Dogs outside were barking, attracted by Mom's high pitched shrieking...and Daddy? He started laughing, then we all started laughing, including Mom.

The dogs assembled outside left and went to their own homes.

Happy Easter to You and Yours!