The Ed Hardy Boyz: Fred Durst, Pauly Shore, And Christian Audigier Get In On The Douchebaggery (VIDEO)

Nick Kroll (aka Bobby Bottleservice) and Jon Daly (Peter Papparazzo) are back in the second installment of "The Ed Hardy Boyz." Last time we saw the pair, who combine the douchebaggery of the Ed Hardy line with the crime solving skills of the Hardy Boys, they were hunting down the missing sick belt buckle. This time: "The Case Of When That Hot Filipina Girl Lost Her Tramp Stamp At Mini-Golf." Not only is the title great, but the cameos are too. Showing up to the party: Fred Durst, Tom Sizemore, Ian Ziering, Pauly Shore, and Pat O'Brien (who's killing these days). Even the real Christian Audigier gets in on the action.