The Edible Landscape Of Los Angeles (VIDEO)

The Edible Landscape Of Los Angeles (VIDEO)

You probably don't picture Los Angeles as one giant public garden, do you? Well Matias Viegener and David Burns are here to show you otherwise. KVIE caught up with two co-founders of Fallen Fruit, a project that they started to take Los Angeles residents on a tour around their community, visiting all the hot spots of public edible fruit that people unknowingly walk by every day.

From passion fruit to avocados, Viegener and Burns are opening up their neighbors' eyes to the edible world around them, and bringing the community closer in the process. Speaking about the project, Viegener says, "What we're really interested in is a way of living where you don't separate life in the city from life in the country."

WATCH bringing together a community with fallen fruit:

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